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Pier Philemon
How We Met
   So we have grown in numbers. Balthasar has a friend and I have one more trouble. We have Pier Philemon. We all are rejoicing. I embraced Philík for the first time on the EURO DOG SHOW in Slovenia in October of 2010. And I have not let him go since. His purchase was planed. The Bichons caught me by the hearth and I desired one more boy with a show potential. This decision making was a bit more complicated for me. At first I wrote to well-known foreign kennels and I was all logical about it. That really led to no results. And then it came. One day I sat down to my computer and browsed the website of the Kyiv based kennel FRIZZLED LIFE. I already knew they had a lot of Bichons, but that did not interest me that much. I noticed the owners – the spouses Pyatygins. They seemed very nice and it could be seen that they loved their doggies. I got quite interested in Luyda's pleasant essence. My good feeling was the deciding factor why I started to communicate with them. I appreciate a lot the answering of all my questions by Sergey. Each of my mails had a sentence: Dear Sergey, you know me, I have one more question again... And Sergey was answering and sending photos of the puppies. Since I liked one of them, deciding again by a feeling, we agreed that they would bring the puppy to the show in Slovenia and we shall see whether I and Philík would click. We did, so we arranged all the formal stuff and the next day we all travelled to Slovakia.
   Philík has chosen me to be the boss; he has not cried (not even once) for his former family. He has adapted perfectly. Although it has been only six days since he has been with us I am not afraid to say that he has a perfect character. He has subjected to Baltík by lying on his back. I liked this gesture a lot. It means: "You were her first, so I must subject to you". Well, I just gazed... The doggy is not stubborn and he is a fast learner. I had concerns about the hygiene, but believe it or not, he has learnt it in three days and we have not had a single accident. It is clear that it is also about me not pardoning anything he does; I tend to him and he knows for sure that I do this with love and that it is good this way. Never mind I have not slept much in the last days; I am happy that he is such a little handy-boy. We had a bath as well, just the paws and muzzle for now. Philík did not protest that much; he understood, that if he stands still this would be over sooner. And clean like this, we all can just jump to our bed and sleep. Good thing we have a really large bed with space for all of us. I also like that he knows where his warm nest is.
   So we shall learn it all gradually and we shall learn it totally relaxed. It will be a kind of learn-by-playing type of school for doggies. I have great experience with this approach with Baltík. So, this is all for now. I will inform you about everything this little eagle-eyed marvel has learned. I believe he will successfully follow my beloved Baltík.

© 2010 Ing. Eva Bačová