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Welcome to Havíci.sk
A couple of welcoming words...
The Havíci.sk website was established on March 30, 2010. It has three main topics:
- taking care of bichons and of doggies in general,
- two handsome bichons :-)
- homeopathic treatment of animals.

      The website is divided into six main sections. In the [About Havíci.sk] section you can read about me, about the website, you will also find links to other interesting sites and you can leave your opinion in the Guestbook.

      In the [Balthasar] section you will acquire all the information about Balthasar in the form of text and picture, which you might want to know or which you might not need to know at all as well :-)
      You will find my experience as an owner as well as official information about this breed in the [About the Bichons] section.

     The [Džekynko's Corner] section belongs to my beloved dog Džekynko, who stood by my side for almost twenty years.

      The [Homeopathic Advices] section contains basic information about the homeopathic approach to treatment, as well as a brief guideline on how to write to me, should you want to consult health problems of your pet with me.

      The [Show Training] section contains a review of all the things your dogs and you as well should know before you decide to try your luck at your first show :-)

      The [Pier Philemon] section belongs to our newest addition, the prospective bichon Philík.

      In the [Ignis Candens] section you can read about the activities of my kennel.

      And we also have a new section [Regular Training]. There you can read about my advice on how to raise your doggies as well as stories of other owners and breeders that have consulted their problems with me..

All content of the Havíci.sk website is Copyrighted.

Update: As of 2016 I have ceased updating the English section of my website in regards to articles that require translation (such as the Homeopathic Counselling section). All other updates (such as home and show photo albums, show results, the guestbook, Ignis Candens section) will be updated in a regular fashion. Should you be looking for any specific information or advice, do not hesitate and contact me via e-mail.

I wish you a pleasant and perhaps also informative reading.

Your Eva

© 2010 Ing. Eva Bačová

eva @ havici.sk