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   I considered for quite a while whether to introduce to you the basic homeopathic medicines you should have "within reach" should the need arise. My decision process was linked to a fact that the selection of the correct homeopathic medicine is not that easy, but that is mostly with chronic pathologies. They leave no room for experiment and you need to consult an expert. The situation is different with an acute condition. For example the pet will be injured and it is bleeding. It is natural that you start the car and go to a veterinary doctor, but that takes time and you can use it to administer a homeopathic medicine, which soothes the consequences of the accident and speeds up the healing of the wound. Inform your doctor about the administering of the acute homeopathic medicine. What has been said here implies that it is favorable to have the basic homeopathic medicines at home. Just for a case...

So, here they are:

   We use it when there are acute conditions, where the symptoms arrive very quickly (as if from one second to another). Those are the beginning stages of respiratory infections, the flu, inflammation of the bladder; another use is by injuries, myocardial infarction, strokes.

   We use it for cold from allergic or infectious origins. There is an intense discharge from the nose when there is this type of cold present. The pet can have a discharge from the eyes as well, it gets worse in a warm room; it gets better with movement on fresh air.

   You will appreciate this medicine when there are allergic skin reactions, eczema associated with swelling around the eyes, after a bite from an insect in a case a swelling builds up. Also in acute inflammations of the cornea, associated with swollen eyelids and the conjunctivas are reddish. In this case the dog is used to be whiny and jumpy as a bee.

   We always think of this homeopathic medicine when there are accidents and miscellaneous types of injuries. It is very effective, if it is administered in time, if there is any bleeding present. It is also used in chronic conditions associated with injury. An important medicine for eye injuries. Important for severe coughing and wheezing. Use in diseases of the cardiovascular system. The animals do not want you to touch them.

   We use it for acute diarrhea with a fetid, watery and foamy stool, which may also contain mucus or blood.

   The conditions start suddenly, often with a high temperature, the pet has a hot nose, but it is not thirsty.

   Similar acute use to the Arnica Montana medicine, such as bruising, dislocations. In addition, abscesses.

   Used for severe pain symptoms, which are exacerbated by the minimal movement as well. In animals, most frequent in accidents and injuries accompanied by severely painful dislocations or fractures.

   It is a useful medicine for burns, insect bites and cystitis.

   We administer for gall-bladder or kidney colicas, when there are stones present.


   Used for great fear, unsettledness for example before an appointment with a veterinary doctor. It can also be used in some cases of fever.

   Used for middle ear inflammation and cystitis. In some cases of false lactation.

   Puerperal sepsis. Abscesses.

   It is the opposite of Bryonya. It is used for strong pain symptoms, such as injuries of tendons, muscles, dislocations, which improve with the movement.

   It is a medicine for eye injuries and fractures (also works against pain and stimulates a better bone adhesion).

   For dehydration of the animal, for obstinate vomiting, or a diarrhea condition.

   In cases of false lactation.

   Used to promote healing of disjointed limbs.


   We administer it for an inflammation of the eyes, the pupils are narrowed, in the morning the eyelids are glued with a suppurative discharge.

   For injuries of the eyes, ulcers on the cornea. Favorably anti-inflammatory affects the skin.

   When the colon is affected; when there is blood present in the stool. It is also a beneficial medicine for eyes.

   We use it in the treatment of chronic suppurative processes in particular, after resolution of acute symptoms. This translates as fistulae, abscesses, ulceration.

   It is a very useful drug for treatment of various types of eye diseases.

   Acute or developed states, characterized by purulence at some stage. Used for animals prone to chronic abscess formation. With this medicine there is always a low pain threshold (the animal feels pain even from trivial things).

   Used for advanced purulence conditions. It is a necessary medicine especially for dogs to treat ear seborrhea. Tendency to ulceration. The animal has great salivation, often with traces of blood. Abscesses may form in the oral cavity.


   Used for developed purulence conditions. An indication for this medicine is solid, yellow, rope-like discharge. A skin rash may be formed with the formation of ulcers.

   Very good action for minor bleeding, the indication for use of this medicine is a bright blood.

   We use this medicine when there is a dark blood bleeding, such as uterine bleeding, bleeding from the skin vessels.

   The most common use is for muscle cramps; for stiffness from chronic cramps that cause plucking and picking.


   This medicine has an important position for curing bitches in post-birth conditions, when they lose their puppies, or for the cure on animals that were separated from their mates.

   From my own experience I recommend to obtain all mentioned homeopathic medicines in the CH5, CH9, or CH15 potencies. Higher potencies are suitable for curing chronic pathologies.

A bit more...
   You can order and buy homeopathic medicines easily in a pharmacy. Available are balls, tablets and solutions. I favorite the balls. You should store homeopathic medicines in a dry dark place. They should not be in places with electromagnetic fields (computer, cellular phone, microwave oven...).
   A homeopathic medicine should not come in to contact with your hand while administering it to the animal, this means that we use the cover of the tube where the medicine is stored; put the required dose in the cover and from there put it directly in to the mouth of the four legged patient. If possible the homeopathic medicines are best to be placed between the under lips and lower jaw, onto the mucous membrane. This is usually difficult. If the condition of your four legged friend is not so serious, this may even be a humorous process. It requires practice and patience.

And even more... but this is the most important thing.
   You have read it all, you have acquired the homeopathic medicines in a pharmacy an now you say to yourself "what am I missing". And you cannot find out what it is. Let me help you with that answer. I did not mention one very important information on purpose. It is the dosage of the homeopathic medicines. The reason is so that you look for an advice of an expert every time you want to use them, because they can quickly evaluate the symptoms and determine appropriate homeopathic medicine and its dosage.

   If you are interested, mail me specific questions about specific usage of individual medicines and we may simulate a virtual case.

© 2010 Ing. Eva Bačová