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   Although with homeopathic approach it is not possible to determine a general treatment procedure for majority of the cases, there are diagnoses, which allow this to a certain level. In this section you can read about cases of animals that I helped.
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Warning. Although some cases are described with high degree of precision, do not take these articles as general treatment procedure to go by in individual cases.

Update: As of 2016 I have ceased updating the English section of my website in regards to articles that require translation (such as the Homeopathic Counselling section). All other updates (such as home and show photo albums, show results, the guestbook, Ignis Candens section) will be updated in a regular fashion. Should you be looking for any specific information or advice, do not hesitate and contact me via e-mail.

There are still almost 70 homeopathic cases translated to English language provided in this section, spread among twelve pages, so have a read :-).

Case 1 | When the Vets saw no chance for the mare, Evka Bačová did [21.04. 2010]

Case 2 | Cushing syndrome (hypercorticolism) of the dachshund Josífek [17.04. 2010]

Case 3 | Kidney disease of Mrs. Olga's dog [19.04. 2010]

Case 4 | Dixinka's Swollen Eyes... [20.04. 2010]

Case 5 | The Infection of the Mare Baba [27.04. 2010]

Case 6 | How Miška Lost Her Voice ... [28.04. 2010]

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