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Homeopathic Counselling
How to Write to Me
   Should your pet get sick, do not hesitate and immediatelly visit your veterinary doctor, so he / she may determine the correct diagnosis and then a therapy. Should you decide to consult your pet's treatment with me as well, do not forget to inform your veterinarian. Both systems of treatment can communicate and do not interfere with each other.

   For a proper selection of homeopathic medicine I should know:
- what kind of animal it is and it's sex
- the name and the age of the pet
- a photography of your pet
- diagnosis provided by the veterinarian (if you have visited the vet)
- pet's character before the illness and eventual change since it got ill
- pet's living envirovnemnt (a flat, a garden, a stall...)
- appetite
- type of food
- type of communication with it's environment
- who did it choose for the boss of the pack (eventually, whether it considers itself to be the boss)
- relationships to children
- any physical changes, that you haven't noticed prior to the outbreak of the illness (urine, stool, skin condition...)
- overall pet's condition
- character (dominant, fearful, friendly)

...and tell me everything you consider important.

   Notice. By writing an e-mail to me and asking me for a help for your sick animal, you agree with the publishing of our mutual correspondence of the process. You also agree with my right to alter the formal aspect of the correspondence (such as grammar), I will never change the content.

   Finaly, if you came to this point and my directions haven't discouraged you, write to me at eva @ and I will glaly help your pets should it be within my power.

Update: As of 2016 I have ceased updating the English section of my website in regards to articles that require translation (such as the Homeopathic Counselling section). All other updates (such as home and show photo albums, show results, the guestbook, Ignis Candens section) will be updated in a regular fashion. Should you be looking for any specific information or advice, do not hesitate and contact me via e-mail.

There are still almost 70 homeopathic cases translated to English language provided in this section, spread among twelve pages, so have a read :-).

© 2016 Ing. Eva Bačová