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Official website of the Slovak Kennel Association: [Slovenská kynologická jednota]

Central Registry of Domestic Animals (Slovakia) (a.k.a. Pet Pass): [CRSZ]

   You can find more information about the standards of specific breeds and contest rules at the official website of the International Kennel Federation (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). There you will also find a list of member and associate organizations from all over the world: [FCI]

   Website of the Czech-Moravian Kennel Union: [ČMKÚ]

   Website of the Český kynologický spolek Interdog Bohemia, a member of the ČMKÚ, a host to some shows: [KKIB]

   Websites of official kennel organizations from neighbouring countries, all FCI members, where you can find information about upcoming shows.
Hungary: [Magyar Ebtenyésztök Orszagos Egyesülete]
Poland: [Zwiazek Kynologiczny w Polsce]
Ukraine: [Ukrainian Kennel Union]

Slovenia: [Kinološka Zveza Slovenie]
Croatia: [Hrvatski Kinološki Savez]
Serbia: [Kinološki savez Republike Srbije]
Romania: [Asociaţia Chinologică Română]
Montenegro: [Kinološski Savez Crne Gore]

Austria: [Österreichischer Kynologenverband]
Germany: [Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen]
Switzerland: [Schweizerischen Kynologischen Gesellschaft SKG]
Italy: [Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana]
France: [Société Centrale Canine]

Other countries:

[American Kennel Club]
[Canadian Kellen Club]
[Westminster Kennel Club]

   Here is a contact information of a great veterinary doctor, MVDr. Miroslav Málus, Švermova 21, Banská Bystrica, phone: 048 / 413 7080, cell-phone: 0905 421 576.

   Should your pets need a special examination, I highly recommend MVDr. Mláka and the [Veterinárna klinika EJMI Bojnice].

   Official website of Bichon Club Slovakia. You can find information about Bichons, current events, rules and links to some Slovakian breeding stations: [BKS]

   Official website of the Bichon Owners Club, where you can find a lot of information about the breeding, shows and similar activities: [KCHB]

Website of Bichon Klub Zagreb, Croatia: [BKZ]

Website of the Klub chovatelů Bichon á poil Frisé, Czech Republic: [The Club]

   Website of the [Tango Amore] kennel owned by Gabriela Barvíková, who breeds Bichons, Swiss Mountain Dogsktorá and who also cuts their hair at a proffesional level (show-level as well).

Website of the [Frizzled Life] kennel from Ukraine where Pier Philemon comes from.

   Website of Mrs. Denisa Fazekášová, who can help train and raise your four-legged friends: [Lovely Dog]

   Website of Mrs. Ivana Slapničková, who not only breeds bichons, but also cuts their hair at a professional level: [Bichon-Charnett]

Website of Mrs. Jitka Pizúrová, who breeds poodles: [Very merry]

Website of Mrs. Nadežda Kuntová,, who raised Balthasar: [Bišon Levice]

Website of Mrs. Hanka Kašparová, who breeds poodles: [Banzette]

Website of Salon Benny, where you can get advice about trimming and training your pet dog: [Salón Benny]