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About Me
...and what exactly is Havíci.sk?
About me
...there won't be much...
   My name is Eva Bačová and I live in central Slovakia, in Banská Bystrica. I have always been interested in natural treatment, so even though I graduated engineer of economics, I can not make even a tax return. For that I have an accountant :-). I devote myself to alternative treatment, which is an excellent complement to traditional medicine. The point is that people should learn to take responsibility for their health into their own hands and do not rely on others and do not delegate responsibility to someone else.
   What exactly is my work about? About therapeutic massages, herbs, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy and about miscellaneous things... And since myself and many of my clients have a pet at home, I always give some advice, if I can and if I know how..

Saying Thank you
   I would like to thank my son Andrejko for wanting a doggie so badly, because without him I would never devote myself to these amazing animals. Andrejko, I love you.

   I would like to thank our veterinarian MVDr. Málus, who is always keen to give advice and help.

I would like to thank the Baránek family - Olinka, Paľko and Jožkovia for just being.

   I would like to thank my friend Pharm.Dr. Monika Kyselicová for a professional review of my Domestic Homeopathic Medikit and for breaking my hesitation to publish it.

   I would like to thank Daniel and Evka for their help with the creation of promo photographic material of my pets, for their inspirative ideas and for being friends.

   I would like to thank Branko because I am a computer oaf a this website wouldn not exist without him. He is a nice boy and he enjoys everything I cook.

   I would like to thank my niece Žanetka, she loves me as sincerely as I love her.

   I would like to thank my friends Ľudka and Danka, they understand and support me with almost every issue I have.

   I would like to thank Ľuboš, who understood my love for dogs and who still loves them.

   I would like to thank Mr. Stitzai, who raised Džekynko.

   I would like to thank Mrs.Kuntová who raised Balthasar, for starting his competitive career an also her daughter Naďka, who accompanied him at first shows.

   I would like to thank Gabika Barvíková for her forthcoming and nice approach to the cutting of the hair of my doggies before the shows.

   I would like to thank Sergey and Luyda Pyatygin who raised Pier Philemon and tirelessly answered all of my questions.

   I would like to thank Ivana Slapničková for she leads the breeding of Bichons forward. I have learnt a lot from her website.And mybe I will be thankfull to her for something other as well :-)

   I would like to thank Jitka Pizúrová for selflessly answering my questions about poodles, which she breeds.

   I would like to thank Danka Slabeciusová for her pieces of advice about pre-show preparations, education and training.

...and I would like to thank all of you, who take proper care of your four-legged friends and who are loving bosses of your pack.

© 2010 Ing. Eva Bačová