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...and what exactly is Havíci.sk?
About the website
   The website Havíci.sk was launched on 30th of March 2010. The goal of this website is to share my knowledge and experience in the area of taking care of our barking friends. And since nobody knows everything, I will welcome any suggestions from your side...

How it all started
   The year was 1989, my son Andrejko was five years old. Suddenly he told me he would have been happy if we had bought a dog. Oh my! It was a shock for me! I did not notice his interest in dogs, and I myself did not think even in a dream about obtaining this creature. I was really, really afraid of them (now I am laughing at it). It was not important whether it was a pitbull or a miniature dachshund. They all scared me. And now am I going to buy one of them?
   But my son was a good child, so I carelessly promised it to him. I bought a dog atlas, went through it, read it, and thought and believed, that my son would forget about my promise and we would not buy a dog. We had a hamster Miško, fishes but his interest in them was shorter than short. But that is how it is with kids. Bud Andrejko did not forget and since I promised and promises should be kept, I opened the atlas once again and decided - of course after his approval - that it shall be a bichon or a poodle. I wanted a dog who did not loose hair, since I am overly tidious.
   A bichon was rare that year, since the first ones just came to our country from abroad. So a poodle apricot was the winner and a puppy crossed our way very soon. I still believed that my son would think about it once more. He did not and so one evening we brought home little Džekynko. From the moment I first held him in my arms I knew it wouldl be a big love. It was and it lasted for almost 20 years, when he went over the rainbow bridge into the Dog Heaven. There will be more said about Džekynko in his section. Since I knew in advance, that Džekynko would say farewell to us in 2009, I brought my bichon Balthasar in the same year. And you can read about him in his section as well.

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