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   I embranced Džekynko for the first time in the spring of 1989 and for the last time in August, twenty years later, when he went to the Dog Heaven..
   He was a small apricot poodle, with unique intelligence, stamina and courage. He used his own sensual clearsight, he was very sensitive to my moods and reacted in an appropriate way. He was also able to protect me in any situation. If someone only as much as looked at me in a bad way, he came and waited what was going to happen next. He had his pride, he sometimes felt offended and knew how to show it, but he also knew how to forgive. He will stay forever in my heart because of these features, but mostly for his way of never complaining even though as he suffered from a serious condition - accute and then chronic pancreatitis with which we struggled from his seventh year of life. He never cried, on many occassions I thought that his last hour had come but we allways did manage. At the begining it was our awesome doctor MVDr. Málus and the Hospital for Animals in Trnava in combination with herbs and natural substances. Later, the veterinary medicine was helpless, so homeopathy came into play.
   In his last year of life I knew we wouln't spent the Christmas together, so I got my second dog - the bichon Balthasar. Džekynko did not sense him, but he gave him his awesome essence of love to humans. He did not want me to be left alone. Baltík was very tolerant to this ill doggie veteran. Their respect was mutual. He is a great dog as well. His character is totally different, he is more relaxed, but I know this is about my inner peace as well. The character of a dog is always a reflection of the owner's soul. Džekynko an Baltinko lived together less than a month. On August 1, 2009, Džekynko left for the Dog Heaven and on August 6 at 7:00AM I parted from him in dignity at the Crematory for Little Animals in Brno. I always keep the urn with his remains in my vicinity. I am writing these lines through tears, but that is good.
   Thank You, my dear doggie, my patient and good heart... I know that you guard me and my dogs and you are waiting for the day we meet up there, when we cross the Rainbow Bridge together. You will lick me with your warm tongue, wag your tail and welcome me and the new dog friends. Then we will stay together forever... happy.
   Thank You, Ďžekynko.

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