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Some Advices for the Beginners
   Before the day I brought Baltík home, he had only his two bowls (one for water, another for food), a sleepong basket, some toys and a leash prepared. I did not acquire combs, brushes, shampoos and so on. I had a deal with Mrs. Kuntová to buy all necessary item from her. But at that time I already surfed the net and collected information about hot to take care of bichons. I also found lots of good pieces of advice in a book tittled Bišon frise (from the authors Jarmila and Jana Křečkovy) and the rest I learned with practice.
   I also noticed a lot of bichons walking with their owners. With a certain amount of sadness I have to note that they did not even resemble their breed. Flushed eyes, hair that can no way be described as white, not to mention the dredalocks. Up to now I have met only one bichon in our city, named Roger, who although with a short haircut, was groomed and satisfied. When I sometimes meet his owner, I give her advice about proper nutrition and grooming, because she is really interested in the correct way of taking care of her doggie. I have asked myself well, well, how come these masters do not take care of their dogs the way they should. I started to understand it (and then again do not) when I brought Baltík home.
   The breeder had explained to me how to bath Baltík, how to straighten his curly hair with a fan. I thought to myself - how easy. I can say that for me the first weeks were not easy at all. I had no "routine" and I had a feeling that I am devoting the whole evening to the dog. But I did not give up and I got better at it every day. During this period I often phoned Mrs. Kuntová and asked her lots of questions and she always answered. Now I look back with a smile.
   So just do not give up, it is not so complicated and the result is worth the while. Or you always have the other option, get a breed that requires less grooming time.

What I think is important to know at the beginning
- allocate in advance enough time for daily games, training and walks
- it is essential to comb daily. First use a special comb for bichons, then use a normal comb for dogs and go from the skin, on every area of the body
- do not forget the daily eye-cleaning routine
- clean facial hair whenever needed, should your dog be as messy as my Balthasar, you will have to do it on a daily basis
- if you return dirty from a walk, immediately clean the dirty parts with water, then dry and comb
- when there is a wet snow outside, do the same procedure, because there are little snowballs among the dog's hair an the dog would try to remove them himself using his teeth and this woul decrease the quality of the hair. In such a case we shower the wet snow with warm water, let dry for a while and comb
- I do now advise using protective clothing for dogs, because they create dreds, the hair will lay down an will be very hard to comb afterwards
- cut the nails as often as needed
- clean ears on a regular basis, excessive hair and grease have nothing to do there
- clean the teeth and take care of the gums
- bathe as often as needed, but I suggest at least twice a month
- your doggie must have regular haircuts. Leave this to the professionals

What do you need to have at home for you Bichon?
   Here is a list of items we use. I would like to note that I use the brand 1 ALL SYSTEMS.
- a hairbrush
- a haircomb with wide teeth
- hi-quality scissors, long and curved (I use them only for additional hair cutting)
- a shampoo for white hair
- protein conditioneer
- botanic conditioneer
- spray for easy combing
- dog nailcutters
- diamond water for hair cleaning around eyes (you can use gel as well)
- powerful hairdryer with cold air function
- dog toothbrush, toothpaste an gumgel
- powder for easier removal of excessive ear-hair
- hi-quality anti-parasite products
- anti plaque oral sticks
- hi-quality food, with no added betacarotene and appropriate vitamine supplements, especially if you want to attend shows
- I take it for granted that you visit the vet on a regular basis (antiworm treatment, vaccination and general check-ups...)

   You may think that it is too much, but trust me, it is not the case. I wish you a lot of patience in taking care of a bichon. You may even like it as much as I do and you will start attending shows with you dog. And even if you will not, you will still have a properly groomed dog to please you at home. I have put more things together - we attend shows, because Baltík likes to present himself and we play and have fun at home as often as we want.
   I am happy to have Baltík and I would like to quote from the book Bichon frise I mentioned at the beginning.

Touch a bichon,
and you have touched heaven,
embrance a bichon,
and you have embranced the whole world,
love a bichon,
and you will love life forever.
© 2010 Ing. Eva Bačová