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It is not like I want to brag about myself, but just take a look...

In the PUPPY Class

5x Very Promising

In the JUNIOR Class
"Excellent" at the World Dog Show 2009
Austrian Junior Champion
Slovakian Junior Champion
Hungarian Junior Champion
Middle East European Junior Winner, Wels

4x CAJC (Slovakia)
3x CAJC (Hungary)
4X CAJC (Austria)

East Winner 2010, Prešov (Slovakia)
1x BOB (Poland)
2x CACIB (Slovakia)
1x CACIB (Hungary)
1x CACIB (Poland)
4x CAC (Slovakia)
1x CAC (Hungary)
1x CACA (Austria)
1x CWC (Poland)
2x R CAC (Slovakia)

In the OPEN Class
Slovakian Champion
Hungarian Champion
Polish Champion
Austrian Champion
CAC on the EURO DOG SHOW 2010
Club Winner at the 3. Special Club Show of the Bichon Club Zagreb

1x BOB (Poland)
1x CACIB (Hungary)
1x CACIB (Austria)
1x CACIB (Poland)
1x R CACIB (Austria)
3x R CACIB (Hungary)
1x R CACIB (Poland)
3x CACA (Austria)
1x CAC (Slovenia)
1x CAC (Hungary)
3x CAC (Croatia)
2x CWC (Poland)
2x R CAC (Slovakia)
1x R CAC (Hungary)
1x R CACA (Austria)

And on the 27th of February 2011 have met the requirements for the INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION title.

In the CHAMPION Class
I have opened the Champion Class with an invitation
to a prestigious Champion of Champions Show,
held on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the
founding of the FCI organization.

3rd place in the TOP DOG contest organized by the Bichon Club Slovakia
1x R CACIB (Austria)
2x R CACIB (Romania)
1x CAC (Slovakia)
2x CAC (Romania)
2x R CAC (Slovakia)
1x CACA (Austria)

In the HONOUR Class
1x R BIS Honour Class (Slovakia)
1x 3rd place BIS Honour Class (Slovakia)
6x Excellent 1 (Slovakia)


   And to not give you an idea that I am just another pretty dumb face, besides those titles up there, I am also a certified Dog therapist, title courtesy of Slovenská asociácia psov - terapeutov (Slovak Association of Dogs - Therapists) (well, more like of their owners).

For the show pictures, visit the [Gallery] (click the text).

Behold my humble egomuseum :-)

...and my trophies don't even fit in a single photo anymore :-)
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