About me
How we met
   I first saw bichon Balthasar in May 2009 at a National dog show in Banská Bystrica. I did not really want to go there but it was cold and my son had asked me to bring him a sweater or something warm to wear. I already knew that my poodle wouldn't be around for too long, so it crossed my mind that I would pick Džekynko number two there. But my son Andrej pointed out to some small white furry balls. And it was decided.
   I contacted Mrs. Kuntová, a breeder who had two available dog boys, Benji and Balthasar. Although she advised me to take Benji to accompany my old and ill doggie, I was drawn towards Balthasar. I tend to listen to my intuition, those are the right decisions, and so we have Baltik at home. He is a tiny white bolt of energy, with eyes as black as two blackberries. He is empathic, with a nice soul, loyal, marry and can adapt to a person's mood, he likes the training sessions, we are trying dog dance, he likes to show off and is quick to learn.
   And since Baltík likes to show himself off, I used this and it was the start of my show madness.

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